Bamboo rice in Wayanad forest (Organic) 1 kg

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Bamboo rice is collected by the Wayanad tribes residing in the forest from the seeds of flowers, bamboo, is known for its highly nutritive qualities,rich medicinal values. Bamboo rice (known as Mulayari in Malayalam, Moongil rice in Tamil)

6 the Benefits of Bamboo rice

1. Studies conducted on the Kani tribes in Kanyakumari forests have shown that they consume Bamboo rice for its fertility enhancing properties.

2. Higher protein content than both rice and wheat.

3. Controls Joints pain, back pain and rheumatic pain.

4. Lowers cholesterol levels

5. Good source of vitamin B6

6. Has anti-diabetic properties



Bamboo rice well known for its nutritional and medicinal values. Diabetic patients can use Bamboo rice instead of normal rice because the Glycemic Index (GI) of Bamboo rice is lesser than normal rice.

  • Preparation method : Collected tribes from Wayanad forest
  • Product type : Seeds (Bamboo rice)
  • Source of item : Forest
  • Origin – Wayanad, Kerala
  • Organic – YES
  • Available in 1Kg pack Please note that Bamboo rice needs to be soaked in water for 5-6 hours before cooking. It will not easily get cooked like normal rice.
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